2013 m. liepos 20 d., šeštadienis

Natural dyeing

Natural dyeing 

experiments with plants

It’s pouring today, nothing extremely bad, just familiar Lithuanian July.
Few days ago I was deeply fallen in natural dyeing with plants.
Many beautiful flowers and plants I collected in the meadows around our house.
Here I want to show some examples of felted handbags and boots. 
It was so interesting to experiment with natural dyes.

The boots were dyed with  Black Alder (lot. Alnus glutinosa


The tiny purse is so comfortable to wear. I can’t be unnoticed in the street. The surface is so vivid, colors are bright and natural. Just as I like. The purse is dyed with tutsan (lot. Hypericum perforatum). 
And some unexpected pretty spots on the back surface, that I like most (it's a pity they are not on the front...)

This handbag was dyed with Black Alder (lot. Alnus glutinosa



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